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Enough Is Enough With The “CM Punk” Chants Whenever AJ Lee Is In the Ring


I’m a huge AJ Lee fan. I’m a huge CM Punk fan.

But WWE crowds need to stop the loud “CM Punk” chants whenever AJ is in the ring. Everyone knows they’re married, we get it. We love that fact.

But it’s downright disrespectful and more than a bit sexist to chant “CM Punk” during all of AJ’s in-ring segments. If you want to show support for her, chant “AJ Lee” or “Lets go AJ!”, not her husband’s name.


I liked her. She wasn’t like other girls. She was old fashioned. She didn’t just send a nude. She hired a professional artist to a paint a nude portrait of her, framed it, and then shipped it to me. It took several months to get to here. It had to travel a treacherous voyage around the cape. Many men died bringing me this wonderful work of art. 



Its Back. 

(Source: spooky-scary-skeletons-are-here)

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